Our most popular hypnotherapy services are for chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, smoking, and weight management.

Manage Chronic Pain

What is chronic pain? Normal pain stops hurting after an injury is healed. If you are experiencing pain for longer than 3 to 6 months or longer, you are experiencing chronic pain.

Chronic pain has real effects on your daily life and mental health. Chronic pain can be debilitating and demoralizing. Pain medications can treat acute pain effectively. Unfortunately, pain medications are poorly suited for chronic pain because the effectiveness diminishes with time, and the potential for addiction increases.

While pain is uncomfortable, much of our suffering is caused by our learned reactions to pain, anticipating pain before it happens, and amplifying it when it does. These unconscious behaviors become habitual and develop into a mindset that is hard to break. Hypnotherapy can break unhelpful habits and free us to live happier and with fewer medications.  

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Insomnia is difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, even when a person has the chance to do so. People with insomnia can feel dissatisfied with their sleep and usually experience one or more of the following symptoms: fatigue, low energy, difficulty concentrating, mood disturbances, and decreased performance in work or at school.

Sleep deprivation impairs cognition and memory. Chronic sleep impairment is linked to depression, irritability, weight gain, and even high blood pressure and diabetes. Unfortunately, sleeping medications are frequently ineffective as a long-term treatment for sleep deprivation.

Hypnotherapy can retrain us to sleep better by breaking the patterns that disrupt sleep. Hypnotherapy does not rely on talk and analysis but goes deeper to make real change.  

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Stop Smoking

Smoking is hard to quit. The habit is complex, partly physical, psychological, and social. Wanting to quit is the essential first step but does not address the deeper needs and impulses that drive smoking behavior. Hypnotherapy gets closer to the impulses that drive addictive behavior and retrain us to be healthier and happier, without the need for a cigarette. 

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Manage Your Weight

Weight management is challenging for many of us. Uncontrolled weight has consequences for our mood, relationships, career, and health. Unfortunately, there is no pill or magic herb that is effective. A healthy diet is effective but only if we break the unhealthy patterns that created the problem. Hypnotherapy can reduce the uncontrolled emotional impulses that drive many of us to overeat. If other weight loss techniques did not produce results, hypnotherapy can make a difference in your program, giving you the edge to succeed.

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