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Working with Ed has been a blessing.  He has shown great compassion and empathy and led me to some revelations that I had not seen previously.  Learning more about myself, in terms of beliefs and motivations has been invaluable.

Paula H.

Being my first session of Hypnotherapy, I had a certain level of healthy skepticism but that was instantly relieved by Ed’s inviting and welcoming atmosphere and attitude.

Ed has a wonderful space to truly experience a sense of calm and balance. Being given my selection of seat, which I believe is such an important aspect to feeling comfortable in an unfamiliar place, Ed really takes to understanding your purpose of being there to understand how to help your mind drift into a dreamlike state.

I for one can admit I’m not one to allow this type of vulnerability but Ed made it easy, and simple. I definitely left with a feeling of calm but also a better understanding that my unconscious is as stubborn as I am and a simple change in perspective is all I needed to find a place of balance.

I highly recommend giving Ed a call to discuss how he can help you along your health journey.

Dr. Hunter T., Chiropractor

I have had an excellent experience working with Ed. His variety of hypnotherapy techniques were enormously helpful in helping me deal with anxiety and stress issues. If you want to be the person you truly should be, I highly recommended Ed’s services.

Patrick C., Technologist

My wife and I were recommend to Ed by a family member who thought he could be a valuable support for us in the charged and stressful time leading up to our wedding. We were immediately drawn to Ed’s authentic approach to his work.

The hypnosis practice provided a sense of calm and connectedness as we embarked on our new union. A truly unique and impactful experience that transcends my personal life. In addition, I now use the tools I learned in session for my success as a business leader.

Kyle K., Business Consultant

I love the game of golf, but I struggled with second guessing my shots. In search of answers, I read numerous books on how mental preparation can take my game to the next level. Many of them talked about mental focus and hypnosis—so I thought I would give it a try.
Now after 4 sessions, when I reach in my bag, I have the confidence knowing I’ll grab the right club to make the shot I envision. Ed has helped take my game to a whole new level. If you want to up your game on and off the course, give Ed a call!

Krista O., Avid Golfer

I have worked with Ed a handful of times, although the most impactful session was prior to our wedding ceremony. Ed’s masterful word compositions paired with his soothing voice pulled me out of some intense anxiety leading up to the event. He somehow engaged my internal restart button which set us up for a highly successful ceremony!

Kris L. Product Designer